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About Big Road Blog

Greetings reader!  Welcome to Big Road Blog.  As the header suggests, I am indeed an unlikely truck driver.  More about that a little later.  This page is intended to chronicle my travels and experiences.

Now, about me.  By trade and for all practical purposes, I belong in sales.  Nearly the last 20 years have been spent selling something.  I love sales and it’s something I’m pretty darn good at.  I’ve sold everything from tires to insurance and fertilizer to real estate.  If I enjoy sales and claim proficiency at it, why in the world am I blogging from the bunk of an 18-wheeler?

I’m not new to the life of truck driving.  Ten years ago I was a part-time seasonal OTR driver for several winters.  My life however, started changing five years ago.  (You will have to read some future blogs for that transformation.)  2010 saw the real estate market in my area begin to crumble.  To make a long story short, I worked for several very disappointing companies while searching for a good fit.  Along the way I’ve made some tremendous friendships and had some invaluable experiences but I could not find a career after real estate.

Ultimately, I believe God had been shaping and preparing me for where I’m at today.  After being saved five years ago, I have had recurring thoughts of ministering to truck drivers.  The life of a long haul driver is lonely, full of temptation and not at all conducive to being part of a regular church family.  For this reason, I believe I’ve been called back tothe road to share my faith with fellow truck driving comrades.

With all that being said, my blogs will have a variety of themes.  I hope these pages are read by believers as well as non-believers.  These thoughts and opinions are all my own and do not reflect the company I pull for.  Add this page to your favorites and check back often.  I will be adding Big Road Blog/Ministry Facebook  and Twitter pages.  First I need to figure out how to maintain a blog.

Remember…keep the rubber down and the antennas pointed up


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