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Trash: A Black Eye on the Trucking Industry

Posted by on January 7, 2013

Trash:  A Black Eye on the Trucking Industry

I have not written any content yet, and I’ve already changed the title of this post half a dozen times.  If I rub a few people the wrong way…I’m not sure I apologize.  Send me an email.  I’d be happy to respectfully hear you out.

As a point of reference, I’ll state what should be the obvious.  I am a professional driver.  I am not pointing fingers at a group of people I know nothing about.  With that being said, I am embarrassed by the “professionals” within the industry who have a total disregard for the proper disposal of their personal refuse.

Also for the record I shall state that I am a clean freak.  Maybe that is why I am so impassioned about this problem.  The problem is simple:  Truckers feel the world is their garbage can.  Not all truckers, but there must be a good many that do to account for the messes that can be found most anywhere big trucks park.

This issue has long annoyed me but I hit the tipping point when I stopped a couple of days ago near the Walmart in Winslow, AZ.  In the parking lot directly adjacent to the Walmart was an assortment of filth that was not caused by just one or two drivers.

Not only was there the requisite trash, trucker bombs and tires, but some slob went so far as to pitch out the mattress from his bunk.  There were shopping carts filled with trash.  There is no justification for this.  Speaking of shopping carts…why can’t you return your cart to the store from which you borrowed it?  Why should Walmart have to chase their carts a block away?

Unfortunately, this site is not uncommon.  Parking areas on the side of the interstate are just as nasty.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  I fail to see any logic that justifies why anybody should have to clean up after me.  I am a grown man and I have to assume anyone else holding a CDL is an adult as well.  The trash and general disgust that truck drivers leave behind is a black eye on the trucking industry.  I know it’s not everybody that does it but we need to be reminded the group is judged by the actions of a few. 

I know garbage cans tend to fill up quickly at rest areas and parking lots.  That is no excuse.  There are a couple of options then:  Hang on the trash until your next stop or, this is going to sound crazy, walk a little bit further until you find an empty can!

I spend lots of my free time during the summer in a kayak.  Whenever I come across trash in the river or lake I am paddling, I pick it up.  I can’t, nor should I have to, pick up after a bunch of lazy slob truck drivers.  It’s no wonder truck parking is banned in so many areas.  Given the mess truck drivers leave, I really don’t want them parking on my property either.

My challenge is this:  Think before you pitch your trash out the window.  If for every piece of improperly disposed of trash you discard, someone else were to deposit an equal amount of similar refuse in your bunk, would you be ok with that?  Have some pride in your industry and don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

PS…this also includes cigarrette butts.

Thanks for reading!  Please share this with others.  We have a problem in the industry that needs solving.  Please help do your part.

Joshua 1:9

Remember…Keep the rubber down and the antennas pointed up.

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