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14 Reasons to Date a Truck Driver*

Posted by on December 29, 2012

14 Reasons to Date a Truck Driver*

Let’s face it folks.  We don’t live an easy life.  If you actually spell it out, the life and job description of a truck driver goes a little like this:  a) You will live in your car.  b) You will work 14 hour days/60 or so hours per week.  c) At the end of your 14 hour day, you may not get a shower before going to bed in the back seat of your car.  d) You will be home every couple of weeks and therefore miss events at home.

There are of course exceptions to each of those, but for the most part I think they are true.  Why then would anybody want to date, much less marry, a truck driver?  Relationship retention is low and divorce rates are high among us.  It’s tough to meet someone while on the road.  Telling someone you are a truck driver is pretty much the kiss of death for scoring a date.  Not anymore.  This blog will turn the tables and make us almost as popular as winning the lottery.

So I present to you 14 Reasons to Date a Truck Driver*

1.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Or is that absinthe?  Either way, it is true.  We just came off of Christmas.  How many people did you hear say how much they love Christmas music?  I guarantee if Walmart is playing Frosty the Snowman in June people will be sick of it by Labor Day.  Likewise, if I make it home on weekends or every couple of weeks, just think how much we’ll enjoy seeing each other.  Absinthe won’t hear either.

2.  I’m low maintenance.  I live in the back seat of a truck.  My house is 40 sq ft and I have everything I need to survive.  If I think this is comfortable, just imagine how much I will enjoy your 800 sq ft apartment or 1500 sq ft house.  I’ll be in awe of your mansion and want to come over and see you.

5.  Best travel agent ever. I get around.  45 or so states.  I’ve seen them all from the jump seat of a truck.  You want to go somewhere on vacation?  I can probably tell you the highway and whether or not it’s worth the trip.  I have a mental log of some of the coolest places in the lower 48 that most people don’t even know exist.  I am actually anxious to go back to a bunch of places and actually enjoy them.  Care to join me?

8.  Let’s talk.  You like to talk.  I know.  Guess who I’ve talked to today?  A dozen dudes on the CB, a grouchy lady at the fuel desk, dispatch, somebody who really doesn’t care if I’m going to load at their business today and can’t give good directions, and some guy on a forklift.  Yup. That’s it.  Everyday.  You’re dang right I want to talk to you every night.  I’d love to hear about your day.  Really.

11.  I’ve got issues.  No, not that kind.  I spend the day listening to the radio (in my case talk radio).  I know what’s going on in the world.  I know national and international issues better than most people on the 6:00 news.  I can actually carry an intelligent conversation about them.  Please refer to #8.

14.  I have a job.  Seriously.  It’s a job and a very good one that I love doing.  And I’m good at.  Few people can do what we do.  Even fewer can flatbed and handle oversize loads (shameless plug for flatbedders ;-)   With millions of people unemployed, I’ve chosen instead to work.

As you probably noticed, I came up a little short of 14, hence the asterisk (*).  If you have more, I’d love to hear and post them.  The reality is though, there may not be 14 good reasons to date a truck driver.  The lifestyle probably doesn’t get a lot of mileage on  I think I’ve made some valid points in contrast though.  Even with my stellar personality and dashing good looks it’s difficult to date while being on the road.  Well…to be perfectly honest, those attributes failed me even before I started driving  :-)   Maybe I do have a few issues.



Thanks for reading!  Remember…keep the rubber down and the antennas pointed up.

Joshua 1:9

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