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Road Closed

Posted by on December 20, 2012

Road Closed

Here I sit.  I’ve been sitting at Shoemaker’s Truck Stop, I-80 Exit 395 near Lincoln, NE, for about 18 hours.  I-80 westbound is closed across most if not all of the state.  It’s not the end of the world…even though the Mayan calendar says tomorrow may be. 

As I sit here trying to occupy my time, I am observing everything happening around me.  Some of us are sitting here accepting our situation.  Others…well I’ve had to turn off the squawk box.  For some reason, when you get a few hundred drivers cranky and confined, irrational tempers surface.  *shake my head*

There are sooooo many experts here!  If the big road stays closed much longer, I’m pretty sure these guys will solve the fiscal cliff problem, cure cancer, and add a new element to the periodic chart.  Behind the mic of a CB, some of these guys know everything and will argue, belittle, profanely find something wrong with everyone here.

Beyond all that, I am always sort of in awe of how so many new parking spots can be discovered when the road is closed and we are forced off the road.  Every square inch of Shoemaker’s is being utilized.  All the diesel pumps are two to three deep.  If you need fuel…tough.

This is sort of a different situation for me.  I generally don’t mind driving in a blizzard.  I tend to be one of the guys pulling in at 2:00 am when they finally close the road.  I’m the guy parked in the middle of the parking lot with my 4-ways on because there is not a single spot left.  This trip however, my trailer is loaded front to back with a total payload of less than 5000 lbs.  I am relying on two lawn mowers on the top deck of my step deck to provide me most of the weight on my drive tires.  When I slid in here last night, literally, I was relieved to get pulled off.  It turned bad very quickly the last hour of my drive.

Even after the interstate opens, it will take two hours to get all these trucks out of here.  It’s hard to say how many of these trucks are stuck.  I may be one of them.  I’ve only got about four hours or so to drive to get unloaded.  I’m one hour away from some family I could stay with.  Neither make a difference since I cannot possibly even leave this truck stop.  So I sit.  Blogging, reading and listening to the radio.  I’m content.  If I’m still here tomorrow…maybe I’ll be transformed into one of those experts ;)

Thanks for reading!  Remember…keep the rubber down and the antennas pointed up.

Joshua 1:9

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