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What’s your impression?

Posted by on December 9, 2012

What’s your impression?

I’ve mentioned before as to my background being in sales.  Selling is in my blood.  Always will be.  A large part of successful selling is making a favorable first impression and consequently being viewed as likable by the other party.

As we traverse the country, we are making impressions on virtually everybody we meet.  What’s your impression?  In other words, what are people left thinking about you, your carrier and/or the truck driving industry as a whole?

Each of us is an ambassador for our company and our profession.  Whether you’re a company driver or an owner operator, the name on door of the truck should mean something.  Have you ever noticed the number of people that pass you on the interstate that are checking out the name on the side of the truck?  What’s your impression?

I mentioned sales earlier.  I don’t own the truck I drive but I know my job depends on the company being profitable.  For this reason, I hand out a lot of business cards for our company.  We pull step deck and RGN trailers and therefore end up in a variety of locations.  I ask every customer how they heard about our company.  By that point I hope I’ve made a good impression and hand them a card and ask for their business again.  People will judge my carrier based on their interaction with me.  The success of the company may depend on the impression I leave with them.

The impression we leave on our customers as well as the public can be determined by the way we drive, the way we treat their freight, our appearance, the way we interact with them, and just our general disposition.  People notice.  Be reminded again that we are ambassadors of our company and our industry as a whole.  Be proud of both.  What’s your impression?

Thanks for reading!  Remember…keep the rubber down and the antennas pointed up.

Joshua 1:9

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