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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Thinking Problem

Thinking Problem  Hi.  My name is Eric and I think too much.  I sometimes think so much at night, I wake up in a truck stop as the sun is coming up and I don’t always remember where I’m at.  Oh, and the headaches.  When I crawl out of bed after a long night of thinking, … Continue reading »

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Church on the Road

Church on the Road Those of you who follow me on Twitter have probably figured out that on Sunday morning, I will be posting something regarding church.  I suppose some people roll their eyes while others reply to the tweet with nice words.  The reason I mention church so much is…are you ready for it…attention.  … Continue reading »

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Load of Dispatcher Brains

Load of Dispatcher Brains For those who maybe don’t speak trucker, a load of dispatcher brains means you are running down the road with an empty trailer (not getting paid.)  How do you know when a dispatcher is lying?  Their lips are moving. How often do we hear drivers complain about their dispatcher or company?  A … Continue reading »

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